Brenda Uga

Freelance UI/UX designer with web development skills and interest in machine learning



An app to facilitate cost splitting during travels. TravelIOU takes care of splitting bills with your friends by offering a way to keep an eye on amounts owed. A mobile-first approach was used with several user research methods.

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UI and UX design for a Moodle platform used at the IT faculty at TUT. Based on an existing Moodle theme, I created a complete UI rehaul with a branded theme. User feedback and research were an integral part to create an usable and efficient platform, as it is the main learning platform used at the faculty.

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Predicting student dropout

A web application with integrated machine learning to predict student dropout rates at TUT. Several ML algorithms predict, whether a student will complete their education, based on grades and demographics. The whole process is accessible through a web app and results are shown in multiple ways to offer both overview and specific details.

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